Measure your power, force & stroke-rate on the water

View your data in real-time as you paddle, or record it at high speed for detailed post-analysis.


Danny Hallmén

“I've used the Kayak Power Meter (Pro) for a number of training sessions and it has worked really great! I also did some speed/power tests when I was selecting my next surfski by completing 1000 trials at specific power outputs - so I already see great potential and I believe it will be a great tool.”

Danny Hallmén (Elite Level Coach)
Teneale Hatton

"I believe training with power and getting live feedback is an amazing tool to help develop a better technique and to train more efficiently. This type of information will help develop world champions."

Teneale Hatton (5 x World Champion K1 1000m, K1 5000m, U23 Marathon, U23 Ocean Ski, Open Double Ski)
Darryl Fitzgerald

"As part of the New Zealand Olympic Canoe team, I have been able to watch One Giant Leap develop the Kayak Power Meter into a device that can help athletes excel."

Darryl Fitzgerald (Olympic Mens K2 Finalist)
Darryl Fitzgerald

"The Kayak Power Meter offers a real edge for paddlers: It can help you train more effectively, race smarter and get the most out of your team-boat partnership. All this adds to being more competitive on the water."

Darryl Fitzgerald (Olympic Mens K2 Finalist)

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Do you want to improve your performance on the water?

Each and every athlete strives to increase their performance whether it is to set a new personal best or to win an Olympic medal. To improve performance, the science is simple - the more energy you output, the faster the boat can go.

The challenge for the athlete is to increase their fitness and strength such that they improve their energy output and to convert as much of that energy into forward motion.
Achieving these objectives starts with being able to accurately measure and track your energy (power) output.

Unlike heart rate monitors, which measure the body’s response to intensity, or GPS speed measuring devices, which are affected by environmental conditions, a power meter provides you with a direct measurement of the exact thing that governs performance - energy output.

This direct measure of intensity is of vital importance for setting training levels, tracking fitness development, improving efficiency and race planning.

What is the Kayak | Canoe | SUP Power Meter?

The Kayak | Canoe | SUP Power Meter is a 100% carbon-fiber shaft which has been instrumented with force and motion sensors in order to measure the power-output, force and stroke-rate of a paddler.

  • Compatible with blades from most manufacturers including, but not limited to, Bracsa, GUT, and Jantex.
  • Utilizes a stainless steel (selected for its corrosion resistance) lever lock shaft clamp and has 5cm of adjustment.
  • Uses multiple (12) load sensors, located at multiple positions (4) on the shaft, to measure force on multiple planes (2).
  • A 360 degree sensing range results in accurate force measurement with any blade shape.

The multiple force sensing locations allows for direct measurement of hand force, independent of the blade pressure distribution. No blade centre of pressure (COP) assumption is made. This is the most accurate force measurement method for any paddling technique.

Real-time Data

As you paddle your Power, Power Balance and Cadence (stroke-rate) will be displayed in real-time on any compatible ANT+ display (e.g. Garmin Forerunner 310XT, 910XT, 920XT, EDGE500; Suunto Ambit2 (S); Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 & S6).

Each metric is updated once a second and you can record these metrics on your ANT+ display alongside your GPS boat speed and heart rate. You can then use software such as Garmin Connect™, Strava™, Cycling Analytics™ or TrainingPeaks™ to view your data and analyze your performance.

Click here to watch the Kayak Power Meter in action!


Power is a measure of both force and velocity – to achieve a high Power value, you need to generate a large amount of force with your strokes, and/or generate quick speed (velocity) by paddling faster.
The Power value represents the energy output rate of the paddler (Watts), and provides a direct measure of the athlete’s intensity.


Power Balance represents how the athlete’s total power output is distributed between their left and right stroke.
A Power Balance of 55%-45% indicates that the left stroke is generating more power than the right stroke, and accounts for 55% of the total power.
Power Balance is handy for identifying technique imbalances, weaknesses, and paddle offset angle effects.


Cadence is a measure of stroke rate, or the frequency at which the athlete is paddling.
Cadence is one of the many variables that determine your level of performance and efficiency.
The Cadence at which you can maintain the highest possible average power is your optimum cadence.

High Speed Data

Using the High Speed Data mode, you can record your Power, Pushing Hand Force & Pulling Hand Force at 50 times or more a second.

The High Speed Data is stored on the paddle and can be wirelessly downloaded.

Upload your High Speed Data to our Analysis App; select the section of data you want to analyze and additional metrics will be displayed - including those shown here.

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Product Line-up

Kayak | Canoe | SUP Power Meter - (USD$999)

Real-time Data

Real-time power, power balance and cadence (stroke-rate) feedback whilst paddling on the water.

Long Battery Life

Internal rechargeable lithium-polymer battery lasts for approx. 12hrs of paddling on a single charge.

Kayak | Canoe | SUP Power Meter Pro - (USD$1,499)

Real-time Data

Real-time power, power balance and cadence (stroke-rate) feedback whilst paddling on the water.

Long Battery Life

Internal rechargeable lithium-polymer battery lasts for approx. 12hrs of paddling on a single charge.

High Speed Data

Store up to 25 minutes worth of High Speed Data across multiple files.


Synchronize the left & right shafts and/or multiple Kayak Power Meter Pros to unlock accurate timing and team boat (K2 or K4) analysis.

All products come with a USB charging cable (to charge the internal battery); a hot melt glue stick (for attaching your blade(s) to the shaft) and Windows desktop software (to enable you to change the settings, upgrade the firmware, and download the High Speed Data).
ANT+ USB sticks sold separately.

All prices shown are in US Dollars and exclude import duty and sales tax.

Are you ready for real-time performance feedback?

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One Giant Leap Team

Kim Hedley

Kim Hedley

Mechanical Engineer
& Sprint Kayaker

Cofounder & Director

    Mathew Pottinger

    Mathew Pottinger

    Electronics Engineer
    & Software Developer

    Cofounder & Managing Director

    Dan Barry

    Dan Barry

    Mechanical Engineer
    & Professional Cyclist



      One Giant Leap Ltd. was incorporated in October of 2009.
      We are an award winning company who develop electronic performance monitoring solutions for watersports.

      Our premier product, the Kayak Power Meter (Pro), has been developed over the last seven years and is now being used by multiple national federations and individual athletes at all levels.

      Business Accelerator winner
      Fairfax Media NZ

      One Giant Leap Ltd. wins the ‘Business Accelerator’ competition.

      Kayak Power Meter Pro released

      Longer battery-life, significant increase in High Speed Data storage and ability to synchronize multiple power meters.

      Kayak Power Meter released worldwide
      New Zealand Canoe Sprint team’s exclusive rights expire

      The Kayak Power Meter is redesigned to focus on usability and real-time feedback (in addition to post-analysis).

      Most Innovative Product Nominee
      2011 ANT+ Symposium (Alberta, Canada)
      New Zealand Canoe Sprint team
      Exclusive rights to the technology until London 2012 Olympics

      Lisa Carrington goes on to win the Gold Medal in the London 2012 Olympic Women’s K-1 200m Canoeing event.

      Ray Meyer Medal for Excellence in Student Design
      Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand
      Final-Year Project - Overall Winner
      University of Canterbury

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